4 Alternatives places to repurpose your recyclables or preloved items

Jul 24, 2018

So, you have joined the green movement and collected some recyclables or have some items that are still in good working conditions. But instead of just tossing them in the blue recycling bins, you would like to see how else they can be reused.

Here are 4 ways where your items can be put into good use in Singapore.


1. Playeum

Playeum is an independent registered charity that champions children through play and creativity. Located at Gillman Barracks, Playeum believes in the use of creating with up-cycled materials and the endless possibilities it presents.These bottles become art materials which will be placed at Playeum’s Future Maker Space for children who visit them and want to make creations. Playeum currently accepts a number of other items, including CDs, newspapers, tubes, springs and other materials.

Playeum’s collection drive ends in April next year, which means there is plenty of time to place your items there. But don’t expect a free collection. Be a nice guy and send along your items to them. Click here for more information.

Playeum’s collection is great for many items, especially those that you have collected in bulk, such as plastic bottles. And because they are going to be used as construction materials for children, we know that they are being put to great use. So do them a favour by only sending clean items okay?


2. Materials for Fish Aggregation Devices

Materials for what? In short, plastic bottles are used to build homes for baby fishes.

Onhand Agrarian is a local seafood farm that uses Integrated Multi-Trophic Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for tropical marine species. As part of its commitment to fixing the marine environment, it is seeking plastic bottles to be used as building materials for floating reef blocks. Essentially, these are floating blocks which allow the growth of mangroves, as well as provide hiding places for baby fishes.

The collection of bottles are less frequent but we will see if our bottle collection coincides with the bottles required by the farm. But if so, this is really cool stuff.


3. Migrant Workers Parties / Events

If your items are really in good condition and you know places like the The Salvation Army are already filled to the brim, why not keep a lookout for other occasions where you know your items will be put to good use?

From time to time, activities for migrant workers such as a thank you party are organised by itsrainingraincoats and they need all sorts of items that migrant workers might use. Hot items include shoes, shorts, towels, toiletries as well as fragrance(??) Well, that was what we were being asked when we were giving out our spare travel toiletries collected from hotels or airlines.

Knowing that your items will be used by the unsung heroes is not just about putting your preloved items to good cause, but also giving back to society in a meaningful manner.

And if you have any ladies clothings, fear not, similar events or activities do also exist, although in various forms. One such call could be for domestic workers in homes, where they are staying due to various social reasons and may not be able afford clothing.

We here at Green Nudge are keen to support such causes so you can be sure that we will be posting them up on our social media channels to help when we know of these!


4. Really Really Free Market

If all else fails and you still want to be able to share your items with others, here’s another area that you might want to consider.

According to its Facebook page, The Really Really Free Market is a “temporary market based on the concept of giving and building a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all”.

So basically, if you have anything you want to give, you could lay out your items on a mat, and wait for those who are in need to take it from you. Similarly, if you have any items that you spied on, feel free to just take them (does not apply to humans).

There are some cons to this concept though. Firstly, this allows you to offload EVERYTHING you want to give away. This means literally anything you think others might want, and indeed there are some really weird items there. Like a whole set of steamers, to used cups, to that missing teddy bear’s eye. And if these items are not taken, then they are unfortunately going to be thrown away.

Secondly, SRRFM has grown to an extent where people are starting to take for granted which means there are some who are treating it as a dumping ground. On the other hand, because it is free for all, there are also others who have viewed them as a treasure trove and help themselves to everything they can find. It does get to the point where you notice the same few individuals at the event who are hoarding everything, which is not exactly the point of the event.

Well, one man’s trash is the other man’s treasure, and if these are indeed being used meaningfully by others, who are we to stop them right?


Final Words

All these venues are great when you have excess materials or items to give away. But the first and most importantly point is to reduce your consumption! We don’t want to sound like we are preaching but hey, it’s really only useful if we start to only buy what we truly need.

Let us know if you know of any other unusual ways to give back your recyclables or pre-loved items!

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