OCBC Cycle 2018

Our maiden event, OCBC Cycle 2018 allowed us to pilot test the recycling initiative by including a poll questions that encourage participants to answer with their waste in a responsible and effective manner.

Our volunteers managed to reach out to nearly 8,000 participants at the Singapore Sports Hub and collected more than 180 kg of fruit peels.

Sundown Marathon 2018

With more than 25,000 runners, we managed to recruit around 20 volunteers who took shifts to encourage participants at the F1 Pit Building to bin their waste in a responsible manner.

Race Against Cancer 2018

With volunteers from Victoria Junior College, we turned the green initiative into a community effort with songs and dance, all for a good cause!

In total, we collected nearly 110kg of fruit peel from the near 7,000 participants!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018

Our largest event yet, our volunteers instilled mutual respect and responsibility for the fun by keeping the running routes clean, and getting runners to bin their trash right. In doing so, we create a clean and safe race for everyone.

In total, we collected nearly 800 kg of banana peels from the event!

Straits Times Run 2018

Volunteers from around the world such as Lithuania helped us to collect 388kg of banana peels at the finishing to be used as compost at community gardens.

We also repurposed towels and rescued excess food to be given out to the community. Check out our video of the event!

Visit to Semakau landfill

Wonder what happened to all the rubbish that was thrown out? In this carry out an experiential learning tour to Semakau Landfill to share with participants about the final resting stage under Singapore’s waste management process.

Due to its popularity, an additional 5 more tours were planned since June 2018, with more than 300 participants registered for the visits.

OCBC bank coastal cleanup

With nearly 100 participants, we helped to organise a coastal cleanup for the staff and family members of OCBC Bank who helped to clean East Coast Park in July 2018! More than 300kg of trash was picked up in less than 2 hours!

We provided all the necessary arrangements including tongs, reusable gloves and other equipment!

Project Ecobricks!

Harnessing the power of the community, we collected plastic bottles, as well as clean and dry non-reusable plastics and turn them into functional stools and tables!

By using these items, we help to reduce the amount of items being sent to be incinerated, as well as create useful and lasting items using what was previously considered as trash!

Suitable for small or large groups (young and old), the items being crafted will help to furnish a cafe, as well as provide useful ways for participants to learn about our plastic usage.

Learning journey with Youth Corp Singapore

Together with Youth Corp Singapore, we created a thematic learning journey to understand the context of packaging and single use disposables in Chinatown.

Besides sharing about Chinatown, we also collected localized data of single use disposables at hawker centre which helped to provide better scope of the waste landscape in Singapore. Our youth participants also had a platform to discuss and learn from each other.

Check out some of the popular activities that we offer!

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