Mention beach or coastal cleanups and the image of one picking up litter along the beach floats up to mind. But a coastal cleanup is so much more than just picking up rubbish along the shore.

By clearing up these items, we effectively reduce the amount of waste in from the oceans, reducing the impact to the marine life. It also aids in research on marine debris as data is being collected on them so we can better understand and track how these are items are generated!

A well organised coastal cleanup also provides the opportunity for participants to bond together and do something meaningful for the community and the environment.


The Problem

Participants often have a preconceived mindset of how cleanups are like and may not always be receptive to a cleanup. Cleanups often take place at the “same few places” and the amount of trash collected is not much. Cleanups in Singapore? Why bother!


What Green Nudge Offers

Green Nudge aims to re-define how coastal cleanups are done by sharing with participants about unique areas around Singapore and how they are being impacted by marine debris. Instead of seeing coastal cleanups as a manual activity, we want to allow your team to appreciate a different side of Singapore, through an experiential activity through a hands-on approach.


Pain Points of Organisers

Lack of understanding of cleanup places except at common recreational beaches such as East Coast Park.

Long time incurred to arrange logistics including transport and medical services.

Lack of avenue to procure and deal with the cleaning equipment; using disposable items increases waste generated and goes against the intent of the event.



Green Up! with Green Nudge

If you are looking to organise a coastal cleanup for your company or community, we offer educational coastal cleanups for your team! Choose from a basic package of renting cleanup equipment, enhanced package of a full cleanup programme to incorporating it as a learning module for your own learning journey!

If you are looking to join a cleanup as an individual or with friends, keep a lookout for our shoutouts for public cleanups at Yishun Dam! We hold these regularly every other month! Cleanups are dependent on the tidal timings and are subject to changes.

Greening The Change

Basic Package

Make your cleanup fuss free by renting our cleanup equipment for your event! Align yourself with the green theme with our reusable gloves, tongs, handouts as well as first aid kit. Save time and money by focusing on getting the team together while we help you with the logistics.


What is included?

  • Cleaning equipment for 30 pax
  • 2-way delivery and collection
  • Cleaning of equipment

Enhanced Package

Curious to know more about cleanups and how they can impact the environment? Know the history of what and why you are cleaning. Let our facilitators share with you about the history and culture of the cleanup area.

With the guidance of our facilitators, understand the relationship between our actions and the environment as well as how the environment in turn affects us.

Suitable for organisations, community groups, new citizens, tourists and individuals, this 3 hour session brings together participants and facilitators. With experience and capacity for up to 100 participants, we are able to cater to the needs of organisations and create a meaningful and fruitful experience for everyone.


What is included?

  • Facilitators at 1:20 participants ratio
  • Loading and approval of cleanup sites
  • Pre event recce of area to be cleaned
  • Pre and post event facilitation of cleanup
  • Provision of cleanup equipment
  • Options of Transport and Medical Services to be provided

Learning Module

Turn the cleanup activity into a learning journey module by examining by not just the problem but also get know some of the current solutions taking place in Singapore! Suitable as part of a half day or full day learning journey, reinforce the learning points by visiting efforts from our partners or turn it into part of a discussion.

Note: Cleanup sites are dependent on tidal timings and availability of venues.

Organising a coastal cleanup for students?

Anchor learning points about the marine environment with your students! From preschool to university students, we have had the opportunity to work with different groups. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can work with your students as part of a learning journey or project discussion!

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