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Looking to start something green for your organisation? Working to bring your company’s green initiatives to a different level? Or simply looking for new ways to engage your staff, or furthering your organisation’s corporate social responsibility?

Our customisable programmes allow organisations and community partners to promote environmental awareness and help employees and/or residents the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Speak with us to see how our programmes can be customised to meet your needs!

Benefits of Green Events

Engaging staff members beyond their day-to-day role can have widespread benefits for both the employer and employee. In fact, employees who identify themselves as millennials are increasingly placing higher priority on community service and the environment over high paying jobs.

In order to tap upon the potential of these employees, it is important to be mindful of what their interests are. Creating meaningful impact while bonding staff members through green events and activities may be an option to consider!

Green Sights!

Always wonder how the green community is doing their part, or just curious to know where your waste is being disposed? Join us as we bring you to different green places of interest! From incineration plants to Singapore’s only offshore landfill, we encourage participants to see, hear and feel how we tackle our waste problems and in doing so, understand how we can also play our parts to reduce the waste generated.

Green Up!

A play on the words “greening” and “clean up”, Green Up! is our coastal cleanup segment where we introduce people to less explored places around Singapore. Learn and appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of an area, as well as the relationship between human activity and the environment. End off the visit with a hands-on cleaning segment by helping us to green up the area!

Find out more about our cleanup segment here!

Green Journeys!

Interested in creating a learning experience for your participants? We work to create customised journeys based on thematic experiences. Depending on your needs, we are able to craft out programmes which illustrate the problem such as food waste, packaging waste or even recycling challenges in Singapore.

Through a half or even full day programme, we invite participants to explore with us, examine existing problems and ongoing efforts as well as brainstorm realistic solutions.

Green Workshops!

Being hands-on is always fun, and we cannot agree more! Join us as we create opportunities to learn about composting, eco-enzymes, give used items a second life by turning them into ecobricks! Led by experienced facilitators, we help to turn the workshops into meaningful conversations and social causes.

Outreach and Talks

Green Talks!

Talks such as brown bag sharing over lunches are excellent ways for us to share what we do. Besides sharing about the waste landscape in Singapore, we are also happy to share our views and perspectives, from a behavioural insights point of view, to our journey as a green startup.


Outreach Booth

Sharing is caring! We love to share about what we do. Where possible, we would be glad to share our greening experiences with your organisation, community and students.



Do you charge for these services?

Yes! As a green business, we do offer these services for a fee. This helps to stay operational so that we can continue to grow the movement! 

I love these ideas but am not sure if my budget allows me to start. What should I do?

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is possible to enjoy cost savings when you remove unnecessary items from your event. That said, if you require help, there are many channels available. One possibility is to tap on the Zero Waste Grant that is given out by the National Environment Agency. Check in with us and let us explore how we can help!

I would love to know more about the activities! How should I reach out to you?

Drop us a message at our Contact Us page and we will come back to you. After a short discussion, we will be able to come back with the suggested programme flow as well as estimated budget!

Let’s Collaborate!

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Check out what we did in the past

Green Up! with OCBC Bank

With nearly 100 participants, we helped to organise a coastal cleanup for the staff and family members of OCBC Bank who helped to clean East Coast Park in July 2018! In less than 2 hours, we managed to collect more than 300kg of trash! Amazing!

In addition, by providing all the cleaning equipment, we help to reduce the amount of disposable waste that are generated as part of this event. Yay to going green!

Project Ecobricks!

Harnessing the power of the community, we collected plastic bottles, as well as clean and dry non-reusable plastics and turn them into functional stools and tables!

By using these items, we help to reduce the amount of items being sent to be incinerated, as well as create useful and lasting items using what was previously considered as trash!

Suitable for small or large groups (young and old), the items being crafted will help to furnish a cafe, as well as provide useful ways for participants to learn about our plastic usage.

Green Journeys! with Youth Corp Singapore

In February 2019, we created a thematic learning journey with Youth Corp Singapore to understand the context of packaging and single use disposables in Chinatown.

Besides sharing about Chinatown, we also collected localised data of single use disposables at the hawker centre which helped to provide better scope of the waste landscape in Singapore. Not only did we manage to collect real time data, our youth participants also had a platform to discuss and learn from each other! 

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Want to green your event and looking for the right partners? Here are some contacts you might wish to have that makes your event greener and sustainable!

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