Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us

Looking for new ways to engage your staff, or furthering your organisation’s corporate social responsibility? Speak with us to see how our programmes can be customised to meet your needs.

Engaging staff beyond their day to day role can have widespread benefits for both the employer and employee. In fact, millennials are increasingly placing higher priority on community service and the environment over high paying jobs. In order to tap upon the potential of these workers, it is important to be mindful of what their interests are.

Looking to start something for your organisation? Or working to bring your company’s green initiatives to a different level? Our customisable  programmes allow organisations and community partners to promote environmental awareness and help employees and/or residents the opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

Learning Journeys.

We believe that learning should go beyond the classroom. By leaving one’s comfort zone, be it in the office, or daily routine, we can better engage an individual through renewed experiences. By incorporating environmental messages into trips to green areas of interest in Singapore, participants will not just gain new knowledge but also about themselves.

Hands on Activities.

Studies have shown that people, particularly adults learn better through experience. Given that many of us spend long hours indoors, why not take a few hours out to do something different, and yet meaningful for the environment or the community.

We work to organise green activities which not just bonds people together – but make a tangible impact to the environment.

Green Bazaar.

Fancy organising an event within your venue premises? Let us help to put together a list of local green businesses who would be happy to carry out a showcase of their products and services. From eco friendly products to educational content, we can curate and design a bazaar with fellow social enterprises that meet your event needs.

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