Facilitate Green Collaborations

Facilitate Green Collaborations

Making a tangible efforts for the environment does not have to be a challenging one. Start with small wins by leveraging on greening events and functions that are already held by your organisation or within your community.

Studies show that having a workplace that commits to being green leads to a higher job satisfaction and contributes to increased meaningfulness to the job.

From pre-event planning to post-event data and statistics, we want to empower organisations to make the change within the company, and start the conversation for more green initiatives.

Going green also benefits organisations with reduced waste, translating into cost or tax savings. It also positions the organisation as a thought leader in their respective sectors, while inspiring positive behavioural changes as an influencer.

Before the Event.

  • Take account of your event activities through pre-event planning and consultation
  • Forecast type and amount of waste generated
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling and reuse content

During the Event.

  • Onsite briefing of event volunteers or staff
  • Setup of Sustainability Corners to facilitate on the ground collection of recyclable and reusable content
  • Capture and track the entire collection process
  • Track and document the actual amount of content collected

After the Event.

  • Provide observations and data in event sustainability report
  • Provide photos and data for marketing and publicity purpose

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