From pre-event planning to post-event data and statistics, we want to empower organisations to make the change within the company, and start the conversation for more green initiatives.

Going green also benefits organisations with reduced waste, which translates into lower cleaning costs. Focusing on sustainability also positions the organisation as a thought leader while inspiring positive behavioural changes as an influencer.

Green Events Consulting

Planning to go green but are unsure how to start? Let us help with a quick consultation chat or meeting! By understanding the needs of your event or organisation, we can come up with solutions, big or small to ensure that your event or organisation is on its way towards being green!

Green Activation

Take your sustainable event one step further by working with us during your event! We will work out a schedule that allows us to have volunteers (which could also be your staff members) to take part. By encouraging a collective effort, we send a message on sustainability and are serious in being on the ground to encourage positive green behaviour!

Before the Event

  • Take account of your event activities through pre-event planning and consultation
  • Forecast type and amount of waste generated
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling and reuse content

During the Event

  • Onsite briefing of event volunteers or staff
  • Setup of Sustainability Corners to facilitate on the ground collection of recyclable and reusable content
  • Capture and track the entire collection process
  • Track and document the actual amount of content collected

After the Event

  • Provide observations and data in event sustainability report
  • Provide photos and data for marketing and publicity purposes


What are some of the items collected?

Large scale events such as marathons generate large amount of food items, plastic waste as well as general trash. We collect items like banana peels, plastic bottles as well as metal cans. Where possible, we will also collect items that are generated in bulk, such as towels, or other gifts that may be put to meaningful use.

What do you do with these items?

We work with various groups to ensure that these items are put to good use! For example, we work with Foodscape Collective to distribute banana peels to community gardens to be used as compost. These replace chemical items used as compost as well as reduce the amount of waste sent for incineration. 

How can I participate as a volunteer?

Join us for these events whenever we do a shoutout! Keep a lookout for these opportunities on our Facebook and Instagram pages and sign up when they are up! Alternatively, indicate your interest at our volunteering page and we will update you when we have upcoming events that require your help!

Are these greening activities done for free?

While we endeavour to help as much as we can, we do charge for the advisory services and activities. As a green business, this helps us to stay afloat and keep doing what we think is right!

I love these ideas but am not sure if my budget allows me to start. What should I do?

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is possible to enjoy cost savings when you remove unnecessary items from your event. That said, if you require help, there are many channels available. One possibility is to tap on the Zero Waste Grant that is given out by the National Environment Agency.

How do I contact you to green my own event?

Let us know how we can help by contacting us here

Let’s Collaborate!

Register your interest to green your event here!

Check out what we have done in the past!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018

Our largest event yet, our volunteers instilled mutual respect and responsibility for the fun by keeping the running routes clean, and getting runners to bin their trash right. In doing so, we create a clean and safe race for everyone.

With more than 30 volunteers from over 7 countries, we managed to collect nearly 800kg of banana peels, increased the quality of recyclables and repurposed plastic bottles!

Straits Times Run 2018

Volunteers from around the world such as Lithuania helped us to collect 388kg of banana peels at the finishing to be used as compost at community gardens.

We also repurposed towels and rescued excess food to be given out to the community.

OCBC Cycle 2018

Our maiden event, OCBC Cycle 2018 allowed us to pilot test the recycling initiative by including a poll questions that encourage participants to answer with their waste in a responsible and effective manner.

Our volunteers managed to reach out to nearly 8,000 participants at the Singapore Sports Hub and collected more than 180 kg of fruit peels.

Green resources tab

Want to green your event and are looking for the right partners? Here are some contacts of trusted partners that you might wish to consider!

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