With the big boys in the banking industry making sustainability a focus at their events, event players are increasingly paying attention to making their events greener. This means reducing one’s waste footprint, changing current event practices and encouraging sustainable behaviours among participants.

No longer can events turn a blind eye to the waste that they are generating. Customers and participants will hold events accountable, and this affects not just their image but branding. Ignore and you risk being out of touch. Ignore and you will be pointed out by your customers. Ignore and you will just be playing catch-up forever.

In order for change to be effective, this must be systemic. Events cannot stop at recycling and should start at reducing. Venues must be able to provide a sustainable event ground. Likewise, suppliers must be able to offer viable sustainable solutions.

More importantly, just as how we have allocated funds for areas like transport, meals or even games, organisers must realise that sustainability is not something to be carried out for free, and must devote time to plan and ensure that their initiatives are sound and effective.

Just like features like first aid, hydration points or command centres, we hope to see sustainability corners become regular features. This must not just appear at sporting events, but must also be community, school or even national events.

As a green events sustainability startup, Green Nudge will continue to play our part to advise, guide or even work with volunteers to be on the ground.

This is our mission, to have sustainable events and practices become a norm. And we owe it to our partners, clients and our future generations to turn that into reality.

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