Hello from Green Nudge.

Green Nudge is an initiative set up to tackle the problem of contamination of recyclables, and large amount of waste generated at mass and sporting events. It aims to change the narrative of recycling in Singapore by working with eco-conscious companies and community partners to create a decisive and grounded impact to Singapore’s environmental landscape.

Who We Are.

Green Nudge intends to leverage on behavioural insights, in particular behavioural cues to ‘nudge’ people to do the right thing.
For a long time, messages towards recycling have been largely instructional, assuming that if people are told what to do, they would naturally change their behaviour. We hope to reshape this perspective by appealing to their emotions to do the right thing.


We want to raise awareness of sustainability efforts such as increase awareness of environmental footprint at large scale events, create demand for eco-conscious products and services

Take Action

Most importantly, we want to create opportunities for companies, organisations and schools & individuals to take actions.

Why Are We Doing This?

Many people are aware of Singapore’s physical constraints as well as understand that recycling is the right thing to do. Yet despite recycling infrastructure in place, recycling is not a social norm with no normative pressure to recycle. In essence, there is not yet a critical mass of people who can create and influence change on green issues in Singapore.
Mass or sporting events generate a large amount of waste in a short amount of time. This presents an excellent opportunity to harness the norming effect to get recycling done right, and helps to build up better recycling habits which lowers the rate of contamination of recyclables. Better recycling habits indirectly contributes to a more sustainable way of living.

Join Us And Be The Change


Kg of Organic Fruit Peels


Kg of Recyclables including Plastic Bottles and Aluminium Cans


plastic bottles for art installations and art materials


Kg of marine litter

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