Our Story

Green Nudge started when Li Seng first helped out at a green initiative in late 2017. Then, he realised that waste was being generated in large qualities at mass sporting and community events. While present, greening knowledge and efforts were piecewise and handled by multiple parties resulting in less than effective solutions. There was a need for someone to step up and manage the sustainability efforts.

Mindful of the need to maintain operational and financial viability of events, Li Seng realised that a holistic green planning approach would best suit companies organising their events.

Why Nudge?

For a long time, messages relating to sustainability or the environment have largely been top down or instructional. It is typically assumed that if people are told what to do, they will naturally change their behaviour.

We want to work with organisations to reshape this perspective by appealing to people their emotions and conscience to do the right thing.

Nudging can be said to a subtle way in how we choose to persuade people to change their behaviour.


Our Vision

To be an enabler and changemaker in creating societal transformation through behavioural nudges to achieve sustainable practices and green behaviour.

Our Mission

To raise awareness on environmental issues pertaining to Singapore

To encourage sustainable behaviour by helping organisations to adopt and inculcate green practices and behaviour; and

To drive collaboration among like-minded stakeholders

Our Logo

Green is commonly known to be the default colour for the environment, and represents nature.

Nudge represents human behaviour and is commonly used to describe a gentle push to attract attention.

The “N” linking the two represents the connection between nature and human.

The blockish design (mimicking masking tape) suggests our hands-on personal touch in the things we do. 

In short, Green Nudge aims to be the connecting node between different stakeholders and nudge others to do good 🙂

Tackling Waste


With a tried and tested method in place, we have established a systematic process to reduce the amount of waste generated at events.

By assisting companies and event organisers with planning preparations from start to end, we are able to find ways to reduce, repurpose or recycle them. In this way, we decrease the total amount of waste generated, essentially lowering the environmental footprint and potentially increasing cost savings.

Engaging People


The increased use of disposables means that many have adopted a “buy and throw” mentality. This has not just impacted the environment but also reflects a change in our attitude in how we view people around us. Instead of repairing our relationships, many of us choose to forgo these.

Drawing similarities from our learning journeys as well as hands-on activities that weave in elements of teamwork and compassion. This not only allows us to draw closer the relationship between the environment and us but also helps to rekindle the familiarity with the people around us. 

Building Communities


At large scale events, we invite interested participants to help us out by volunteering with us. This allows us to enable change to take place at a broader level.

In doing so, we want to build a community of people with environmental resilience – people who learn to appreciate and take steps to reducing environmental footprint.

Li Seng


Li Seng first realised the extent of impact that humans made when he picked up a piece of plastic wristband thousands of kilometres from the nearest town during an overseas trip. He subsequently took a leap of faith and joined the social enterprise sector after spending around 4 years in the public sector. Combining his interests lies in behavioural science and sustainability, Li Seng’s move was his way to repay the love and support that his family had given him and to pay it forward to ensure that the next generation can continue to grow in a safe and sustainable environment.

Chun Yeow


Chun Yeow is an aspiring urban farmer who grows edible produce along his apartment corridor and a community garden on the rooftop of a multi-storey carpark. As an IT professional, he used to work in the public service specialising in enabling technology to improve accessibility of cultural heritage. A nature lover turned farmer turned environmental advocate, he has been involved in the green community in Singapore for much of the past decade.


Tyre Lady

Tyre Lady has a number of inspiring goals including to complete 100 marathons/ultras by end of 2020 pulling a tyre. Her aim is simple – to get communities to consciously reduce their single use plastic by other means over recycling as well as to raise awareness of our disposable society by speaking at schools and encouraging organisations. Find out more about her at Tyre Lady


Natalie’s greatest passions are volunteering and living mindfully. She witnessed a dead sea turtle with plastic wrapped around the neck during her travels. It triggered her towards zero waste living and tackle plastic waste pollution. Having the ability to work location independently, Natalie combined her passions and creates a life serving others that fulfils her and makes her excited for tomorrow morning. Wherever she goes, she is thrilled to volunteer and supports passionate people who want to make our mother earth a better place.

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