Green Nudge Reviews: Boxgreen’s Mushroom Chips

There is certainly a wide array of snacks which are healthier alternatives than the ones typically seen online or at the supermarket. Aside from those pushed out from multinational brands with their reduced-fat or lowered calorie counts, what caught the eye was Boxgreen’s Mushroom Chips.

Green Nudge Reviews: Photosynthesis

With online games being the default game option for many people, offline games such as board games are starting to see a revival, with a variety of board games being introduced over the last few years. This particular game is one that we played and wanted to share with parents and young working adults and is both educational and fun.

The Truth about Recycling

Why do we recycle? For many, it is believed to be the de facto solution to our environmental problems. In other cases, people do it to keep up with the rising trend of sustainable living. Recycling has been growing in prominence, but questions about its effectiveness began to surface amidst recent developments in the industry. As people seek answers, recycling is revealed to be a dysfunctional system in need of change.

Hit and Miss: Singapore 2020 Budget for our Environment

Amidst more time at home and dosing off to video lectures due to the COVID19, our intern (Esther) has decided to spend some time to read up on the SG budget 2020 and share her thoughts about it. She has a special interest in Electric Vehicles so brace yourselves.

Green Views – Our Take of the World Economic Forum 2020

Mention “World Economic Forum” and you are more likely to receive a blank stare from the man on the street on what it is or what it does. 

Actually, so did we. But we got interested in this year’s Annual Meeting because for the first time in its 50 years of running, sustainability was not just mentioned but was a major theme of the event – “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”.

Throwback Thursday – A Concept to Remember

I think one of the most unexpected takeaway so far for this programme was the visit to the African American History Museum. It brought a lot more context for me since I watched “12 Years A Slave” a couple of years ago, and weaved in the evolution of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s not the easiest of all museums to visit but so powerful in sharing.

YSEALI Week One – Making Green The Norm

It’s been about five days since arriving in Washington, DC, and it’s been quite a different environment so far. Amongst which have been the cool weather, wide streets and friendly people. Yet the one sight that left me a deep impression was this recycling bin. Coupled with the briefings that I had over the past week, I thought it was a useful to sum up my initial thoughts and observations

The digital age – how have our lives improve through digital behaviour interventions?

Have you ever been ‘elbow-ed’ by one of your friends? Maybe it was to push you to answer a teacher’s question or to introduce yourself to a new person. That in itself is a form of nudge!These days, nudges come in different forms – even digitally! Given the digital age we live in today, there has been a rise in the implementation of digital behavioural interventions. SMS text reminders have been demonstrated to be

Sometimes nudges are all around us – do you notice them?

What safety prompts and triggers have you noticed on roads while driving around the country? One of the most important road safety measures were implemented in the 1900s. Can you guess what it is? – Yes, it is the speed bump!Did you know that speed bumps, humps and rumble lines act as a nudge for vehicles to slow down? As a driver, you notice this ‘obstacle’ from a distance and begin to engage the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle. 

Have you seen these ‘Giant Exercise Machines’ around?

Ever forced yourself to sign up for a one-year gym membership to motivate yourself to exercise but found yourself attending less than 5 sessions a year?Sometimes, passive nudges such as providing and/or promoting a viable alternative at the time choice can strongly encourage you to pursue a healthier option! 

Looking Back – Greening of Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer 2018

In 2018, Green Nudge and Green Ambassadors made a last minute appearance at the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer!Held on 22 Jul 2018, we were called upon by the friendly people from Singapore Cancer Society to help out two weeks before the event. And of course we gamely took up the challenge!While we were not able to provide our pre-events planning services due to the tight timeline and preparations made by the event organisers, we were still able to influence

4 ways that Yakult Singapore’s no straw announcement has impacted Singapore

Recently, Yakult Singapore made an announcement to remove all plastic straws from its packaging. In addition, it also states in a separate announcement that they will be “looking at alternative materials” to replace plastic for its packaging. Straws have also been removed from other countries which suggest that the organisation is embarking on a wider green initiative beyond Singapore.This is not the first time that a business has announced their intent to reduce waste. In fact, numerous companies such as KFC and Burger King(insert link) have done so. So what’s so special about this move that makes us at Green Nudge sit up? 

Trip Report – A Visit to Tzu Chi Singapore’s Recycling Point

Recycling is often thought as the de facto solution to our environmental problem. The more we recycle, the more we are saving the world. Yet the solution is not as easy as it seems.In November 2018, Green Nudge carried out a trip to one of Tzu Chi Singapore monthly recycling points. Given Tzu Chi Singapore’s extensive network, as well as well known recycling processes, we wanted to learn how we could better sort out our own recyclables, as well as explore ways to inculcate better recycling habits among ourselves.

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