Volunteer with Green Nudge

Are you looking for something different to offer your time in? Love working with people and sharing about what you care for the environment and community? Join us as a Green Nudge volunteer and help to spread the word of making green the norm!

We offer adhoc and long term volunteering opportunities. Adhoc volunteering opportunities are open whenever we are preparing for events such as marathons, and we welcome anyone who are keen to join us!

Longer term volunteering opportunities are available if you are able to commit to regular sessions such as coastal cleanups and visits!

Volunteer benefits

Besides reduced fees to join us at Green Nudge activities, we are also working with partners to offer discounted rates for Green Nudge volunteers! Sign up as a Green Nudge volunteer now!

Hear from our Volunteer

“I participate in the cleanup event as I believe it’s a meaningful gesture towards the environment.”


“Mother Earth is the only home we human have. We have to cherish and protect our only home. Keeping it healthy and green is my responsibility.”


“The most important part of this whole zero waste movement is to spread awareness of how we can reduce plastic waste.”


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